Whose Life Will You Change Today?

“I was homeless, drinking, depressed, and hopeless…I met (an MHS) Homeless Outreach Coordinator…offering people help through MHS. She helped me understand that I have a mental illness and that I was self medicating with alcohol and drugs for many years. I’ve been seeing a psychiatrist through (MHS) North County Mental Health Center since January 2, 2007, and I feel much better…Since that time, I have…completed individual therapy, and gone through Vocational Rehabilitation. I am about to start school to become an Emergency Medical Technician….My life has completely changed for the better from the moment I walked through the doors of MHS.” –Ricci M.

“During my time in custody, I was given the opportunity to go to Forever Free. There I learned that there was so much available to me once I was willing to change.  Forever Free helped me open up to the fact that ultimately it was all up to me; and I needed to decide what it was that I wanted to put into my recovery. The program kept me focused… I learned to ask myself, ‘How am I being and what am I doing?’  …On May 17, 2007, I was released to ‘start over.’…Cocaine brought me to ‘pitiful, incomprehensible, demoralization.’  Now, I practice daily something I learned while at Forever Free: ‘out of the problem, into the solution.’  I am so grateful…As I’ve moved into the solution, I’ve found that the “journey” of recovery—of life—is ever so sweet.” –Laurie D.

“I learned about (MHS) FOTEP through the substance abuse program at CIW. I feel blessed to have been accepted to this program. Since I have been here I have learned to recognize and work on the issues that lead me to use drugs…All my life I have struggled with abandonment and abuse issues as a child, I’ve tried to numb my emotions through drugs and a life of crime. I’m tired of my old ways of thinking and living. In the time been here I’ve learned how to be happy, clean and sober.” –Evie M.