Mental Health Systems is led by a Board of Directors. Members serve a one- to three-year term and officers are elected bi-annually. The Board of Directors meets regularly, no less than four times per year.

Board of Directors

Jeanette Sanchez

Ted Anasis
Vice Chair

Kathryn Wage
Board Member

Rita Monteiro, Ph.D.

Will Rivera

Abraham Ward
Board Member

Joshua P. Morgan
Board Member

D. Duane Oswald
Board Member

Executive Team

James C. Callaghan, Jr.
President and CEO

Joelle Verbestel
Chief Financial Officer

Wendy Broughton, MA
Chief Operating Officer

Christina Glassco
Senior Vice-President

Dr. Laura Otis-Miles
Senior Vice-President

Dr. Alyce Belford
Senior Vice-President

Melanie Carrion
Senior Vice-President

Jason Keri, MD
Medical Director