MHS Stands against Racism, Hate, and Injustice

MHS would like to take the opportunity to acknowledge the current issues facing our country regarding race and hate, and how challenging this has been for MHS’ employees as well as the clients and communities we serve. 

As an organization, MHS promotes cultural sensitivity, diversity, and competency as part of our core philosophies.  From hiring practices to our service delivery systems, MHS proactively seeks to embody a culture of equity and inclusion.  

The growth and understanding of diversity and cultural awareness is an on-going process in which MHS is heavily invested.  Our mission is to reduce disparities in behavioral health care delivery experienced by marginalized populations.  MHS continues to create a workforce that is culturally competent.  MHS promotes wellness, recovery, and resiliency, and improves the lives of individuals, families and communities impacted by behavioral health challenges.  

MHS proudly stands against racism, hate, and injustice against individuals and stands united in support of our employees, clients, and the communities served.