North Inland Community Prevention Program

Services Offered
  • Community Prevention Services

NICPP uses “environmental prevention” to help reduce youth access to alcohol and other drugs. Based on the results of research, this approach to prevention includes: community communication and education, changing and creating policies, and furthering enforcement of policies and laws. We advance community prevention by helping to change the socially accepted norms related to alcohol and other drugs. Our efforts are dedicated to shaping an environment that encourages a healthy, drug-free lifestyle, creating a community that allows youth to grow up free of the use of harmful substances.

Program Services:
In working towards our prevention goals, we actively:

  • Present to audiences of all ages about alcohol and other drugs
  • Gather community data
  • Conduct community assessments
  • Engage in community organizing
  • Partner with local law enforcement
  • Utilize media advocacy
  • Participate in policy development
  • Develop youth advocacy groups

Eligibility Requirements:
We serve the entire North Inland Region of San Diego County.  

More Information:
For more information please call (858) 391-9303.

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